The Magline Difference

Two-Wheel Hand Trucks

  • Magliner extrusions are made from aircraft aluminum alloy tempered for high strength and optimum ductility manufactured to Aluminum Association Standards
  • Magliner steel components are high carbon content plated to premium grade condition of ASTM specification
  • Magliner wheels include a proprietary sealed bearing with lifetime lubrication. All wheels incorporate tread compounds designed for durability and high coefficient of friction to provide long life and easy rolling
  • Ergonomically designed hand grip developed with input from NIOSH
  • All two-wheel hand trucks can be personalized to deter theft and promote company

Convertible Trucks

  • 38”, 51” and 54” bed lengths and capacities up to 1,250 pounds
  • Stronger, simpler locking activation mechanism
  • Heavier extruded cross-section adds exceptional strength and impact resistance
  • Multiple tread types and optional brakes make loading and delivery convenient and safe
  • Stampings reduce maintenance and lower cost of ownership

Brake Trucks

  • Provides optimal load control of hand truck on an incline in wet or dry environments
  • Braking from gradual slowing to a complete stop is controlled by operator hand pressure
  • Low stretch steel aircraft cable offers self balancing pressure
  • Adjustments, if needed, are completed with basic hand tools
  • Stops 60% better than competing brands

Bottle Water Hand Truck

  • Patented four and five tray configurations
  • High strength rust-free aluminum construction
  • Each style designed to manage bottles, coolers and BIBs with ease
  • Trayless option cradles bottles for safe handling

Powered Stair Climber

  • A self-contained, 24 volt battery powered hand truck designed to climb stairs quickly and safely with load capacities up to 375 lbs.
  • Climbs up to 35 steps per minute.
  • Rate of climb and climbing activity controlled by operator hand controls, operator adjusts for the conditions and complexity of the environment
  • AC or DC charging capabilities.
  • Ergonomically designed to promote proper posture and reduce awkward motions by operators
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of RSI’s (repetitive strain injury) by reducing effort of moving product up and down stairs
  • Provides controlled movement of product both up and down steps

Bulk Delivery Truck

  • Sturdy, 6000 series all aluminum welded construction designed to take the abuse of over the road travel in a truck when fully loaded
  • Robotically welded five-box construction is engineered for durability, longevity and extreme use
  • High efficiency thermo-plastic rubber casters make the unit very maneuverable and capable of rotating within its own length
  • Rounded handle extrusion minimizes blunt edge contact with hands
  • 3 Year Warranty