Dear Customer:

Back in 1947, Magline, Inc. was founded to “make things out of magnesium,” because products made from magnesium would offer unrivaled strength and lightness. That was a pretty forward-thinking idea back then, and paved the way to help people do their jobs more safely, with greater productivity, and with increased versatility.

Our very first product was a modular magnesium hand truck. Customers liked what they saw and how the product handled—and Magliner® hand trucks caught on rapidly. That innovation more than 65 years ago led us to design and develop additional material handling equipment. Like its predecessors, each new Magline product introduced had to prove that it was high-performing, durable, and would enhance workplace safety.

Value, Quality, and Innovation

Yes, we still make hand trucks and we still use magnesium, but our common theme has always been—and always will be—value, quality, and innovation.
Like the many other dedicated employees who have been here anywhere from one month to more than 40 years, I have been blessed to come to know and work side by side with the tremendous global Magline dealer network, committed suppliers and partners, and our second-to-none loyal and valued customers.
You have counted on the reliability and performance of our products for more than a half century. How do I know? Whenever I travel around the country, customers tell me stories about our hand trucks from “way back when.” And I always get a kick out of seeing faded pictures of their employees standing beside their reliable Magliners. I am honored and humbled when they praise Magline for our continued commitment to innovation.

Thinking of Solutions That Deliver for You

We believe it’s our responsibility to maintain and build on our legacy of value, quality, and innovation. We continue to develop safer and more efficient delivery products and systems.
We’ve always been a forward-thinking company, but we never forget that our success is built on your success—and on a legacy of Magline product innovation. We look forward to helping you and the next generations with your equipment needs.




D. Brian Law
Chairman & CEO
P.S. And don’t forget, if you have a delivery problem please call 800-MAG-LINE. Better understanding your product needs and hearing your feedback has always been a key part of how we innovate!