1. Where can I get a Magliner?

    Magliner products are available in North America and across the globe through our authorized dealer network. Local dealers are likely to have what you need in stock and often provide additional maintenance and repair services. You may also purchase online through this web site or call our customer center.

  2. Does Magline guarantee its products?

    Magliner products have a one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship or material, unless otherwise specified. Please see the warranty tab in the product section for more information.

  3. How do I know what hand truck to use for the job?

    Several factors dictate a hand truck style. For example: the size and type of load, obstacles involved, height of standard load and terrain traveled. For help finding the model that best suits your needs, call your local Magliner Dealer or our Customer Service department 1-800-MAGLINE (624-5463).

  4. What are Magliner Hand Truck General Inspection and Maintenance Tips?

    The following recommendations will get the best performance from your Magliner product and keep it in top operating condition.

    • Check the hand trucks for loose or missing fasteners.
    • Periodically check the hand truck from top to bottom for stress cracks, fatigue, and general wear. Replace broken or worn parts immediately upon discovery.
    • Check tire air pressure regularly. Air pressure must be maintained at 35 psi.
    • Check tires for wear, bulges, leaks, etc., and replace as needed.
  5. What are the key durability features of Magliner solutions?

    Each Magliner solution has slightly different features that contribute to quality and durability, but the following features can be found on most Magline products:

    • Highest-quality plating, which resists rust better and provides longer life.
    • Strongest aluminum alloy in extruded aluminum noses and brackets.
    • Magnesium components that are temperature- and impact-resistant.
    • Customized hardware to minimize packaging damage.
    • Rounded hand truck side rail for smoother more comfortable gripping surface.
  6. What are the primary advantages of choosing solutions from Magline?

    Magline is a trusted and proven provider of innovative solutions, and has been an industry leader since 1947. Magliner products – with the familiar red stripe – are known for their safety, durability and performance.
    We work closely with our customers to identify challenges and develop solutions to demanding distribution issues. This customer focus, combined with in-depth industry knowledge, helps Magline deliver solutions that reduce delivery system pressure points and make the entire delivery process safer and more efficient.

  7. What does Magline do to ensure quality?

    Magline is committed to using quality materials, which include high-strength extruded aluminum alloys, die-cast magnesium for specific applications, industrial-grade casters, and best-in-class motors. The company employs rigorous quality control systems to ensure a consistent quality standard and superior design across our products. We take pride in our products, which last longer than any other in the industry.

  8. What makes Magliner solutions safe?

    The safety of delivery people is a key concern for the industry and is a top concern for Magline. Some of the key safety points of Magliner solutions include the following:

    • Lightest hand truck in the industry – average delivery driver will lift 14 tons less per year.
    • Hand trucks require up to 4.5 pounds less force to break back a load or 101,250 pounds less break-back force per year per driver
    • Handle grips stay on 4.5 times longer than industry average.
    • Custom-fitted hardware limits injuries and damage to product packaging compared to poorly-designed hardware.
    • Ergonomic designs and modular options to fit user preference help reduce physical stress on workers.
  9. What processes allow Magline to continue to deliver innovation to the market?

    Magline is focused on innovation as a company. As a result, Magline invests significantly in product R&D and market research, working closely with customers, to develop market-leading solutions. In addition, the people of Magline have extensive industry knowledge that help us to generate new ideas and lead DSD market developments.

  10. What should I do if I have a specific need or application that doesn’t appear to be met by a product in your catalog?

    We offer many innovative solutions for material handling in route distribution. Contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-MAGLINE (624-5463) to discuss your specific needs, or visit the Innovation Center on our website.

  11. Where can I buy Magliner parts?

    Magline, Inc. distributes its products through local stocking dealers. You can also go to our Replacement Parts section in products and solutions.
    For your local Magliner Dealer, please see our Locate a Dealer page — or send an email or call 1-800-MAGLINE (624-5463). International inquiries may call +1-989-512-1000 or fax +1-989-803-5941.

  12. Why should I use an aluminum hand truck when steel is less expensive?

    Aluminum hand trucks help reduce risk of driver injury due to fatigue because they are lighter and easier to use. Repairs can be done quickly, less expensively while saving time and money.