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The History of Magline Innovation


Magnesium Hand Truck
Don Law,  the founder of Magline, Inc. holding the first magnesium hand truck.

1955 Pallet Dollies

Innovative way to move pallets around with out a forklift.

1963 Step Ramp

The first step allowing for safe and easy hand truck navigation. 

1971 GEMINI Convertible Truck

The original convertible hand truck. Reduces the number of trips needed and lowers driver fatigue by reducing muscle strain.

1987 Snack Truck

Modular all-aluminium hand truck designed to move light, bulky loads with fewer trips!

1992 Brake Truck 

Lowered cost of deliveries, improved safety of drivers, and maximized up-time of handling equipmnet.  

1999 Folding hand truck 

 Increased productivity with averange savings of eight hours per week and reduced overtime.

2001 Rapid Delivery Truck (RDT)

Decreased capital expenditures and injuries, and fleet sizes up to 25%.  Increased market share due to increased selling time, improved order accuracy and increased merchanising time.

2002 Powered Stair Climber

Reduces injuries and back strains associated with stair delivery and increased delivery up to 50% in heavy-use situations.

2003 Bottled Water Truck

Increased driver safety by moving from manual bottle carrying to rolling equipment. Increased delivery capacity at each stop from 2 to up to 13 bottles.

Axiom 360 

 Engineered to hold four times more than a standard hand truck and turns 360 degrees to manueuver around tight spaces.

 2009 CooLift Delivery System

Deliver more products in less time - safely and efficiently. The system allows drivers to be more productive, work  safer and stay on the job longer.

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